Fun Things to do in Melbourne
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Fun Things to in Melbourne

There are many fun things to do in melbourne Australia whether you are looking for outdoor activities, cultural or historical activities. The great city of Melbourne also has a reputation for the arts as well as entertainment whether you are young or old. You are sure to find something to do that everyone in the family will love.

When looking for things to do in Melbourne along with kids, you will not run out of fun-filled activities. Melbourne is home to a variety of kid-friendly attractions that the entire family can enjoy. There is an plethora of culture, history, characteristics, wildlife, and modern structures that offers great entertainment intended for tourists. You are surely likely to find something your kids will appreciate without having to worry about travelling – Melbourne boasts of an efficient transport system. Go ahead and give your current kids the adventure of a lifetime!
Things to do with Melbourne with kids tip #1: Melbourne Zoos

Melbourne is home to 3 of the most exciting zoos in the country ( space ) Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, and Werribee Open Selection Zoo.

The Melbourne Zoo is located just 4km away from the city, and you can easily make it by train and tram. You will find over 300 unique species of animals, including critically dwindling in numbers animals such as the Eastern Prohibited Bandicoot. There are also tropical Asian in addition to African rainforest exhibits, a good orangutan sanctuary, and special things to do for kids during the school holidays. Melbourne Zoo offers a wide range of animals your kids will surely love!

If you want to see pets native to Australia, take your current pack to Healesville Sanctuary. Often known as the Sir Colin MacKenzie Fauna Parks, it gives you a unique setting where you can stroll through the animals’ different environmental options unique to each species. Guide in the breeding of remarkably endangered animals, and are one among only two places on this planet to have successfully bred a platypus. It is a great place to meet this native Australian animals.

Werribee Start Range Zoo is situated around the Werribee Water, and in addition to native Hawaiian animals, it is also home to wildlife from Africa, Asia, and South America. Your kids will enjoy the unique safari experience where they might meet the animals up-close, such as the Melbourne kangaroos, emus, and native born wallabies, using a helmet, of course.
Things to do throughout Melbourne with kids tip #2: Puffing Billy

Puffing Billy is Australia’s oldest steam educate originally built in the early Twentieth century as a means of transportation towards the remote areas of Australia. The item now serves as a tourist attraction that lets visitors delight in picturesque scenes from tropical rain forests to lovely cultivated farmlands. Ones kids and the whole family will really enjoy the fascinating views, and lastly, the choo choo train experience.
Things you can do in Melbourne with kids tip #3: Melbourne Fish tank

Melbourne Aquarium will take your kids with an aquatic wildlife adventure. They provide four unique levels: levels 1 has creepy needs, billabong, rock pools, and mangroves; the floor floor offers an experience to sink or swim together with giant crabs, sea dragons, coral atoll, sea jellies, and Japanese examine crabs; level B-1 is where the octopus and children’s play area are found; and level B-2 is where you can discover the shark conservation area, canine nursery, oceanarium, and the fish bowl.

They also have a walk-in aquarium that can give your kids a unreal aquatic experience – sharks, stingrays, in addition to sea turtles among others!

There are infinite things to do in Melbourne with kids. Regardless if you are looking for a wild adventure or possibly a unique experience, Melbourne has absolutely something to offer to add to your own unforgettable experiences.
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Best three luxurious hotels in Melbourne

The hotels in Melbourne enhance an enchanting invitation to the people by its remarkable features and facilities. At a glance, the sweet water cafes, fine dining rooms, park club, rooms and special offers of these 5 star hotels does a lot for the people. The best three luxurious hotels in Melbourne are Park Hyatt Melbourne, Chateau Yering and Grand Hyatt Melbourne.

Park Hyatt Melbourne

Park Hyatt Melbourne is just 25 miles from Melbourne Airport and is distinctive for the best boutique shopping, restaurants and cafes. Its 24 hour business centre and communication centre serves the guests with travel and entertainment requirements and multilingual staffs. The heavenly rooms of 48 square meters have floors and furnishings of exceptional standards and accommodate a maximum of two guests per room. The smart features include dual line phones, Internet access, Dataport, Marble bath, Air conditioning control and Coffee maker.

Chateau Yering

This renowned hotel within 250 acres of land is deemed the heart of Yarra valley located in 42 Melba Highway, Victoria. The accommodation includes 32 rooms decorated with fine paintings and color themes and offers spectacular views through the windows across the Yarra River. The fine dining room has different choices of delicious food which will be opened from 6.30 PM. The Sweet water café welcomes the people from 7.30 AM to have daily breakfast and includes modern Australian menu of Pasta, Caeser Salad etc till 5.00 PM. Chateau Yering have an ultimate wedding venue with award winning backgrounds and gardens along with furnished guest lounges.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Grand Hyatt Melbourne is a 5 star luxury hotel in 123 Collins Street which has 548 rooms offering eternal Melbourne city views and all day refreshments. The room interiors include 24 hour concierge, ironing boards, plush king bed, soft bathrobes and Satellite TV channels. Grand Club Lounge in the 31st floor offers personalized services and features exclusive meeting rooms with wide choices of evening foods and drinks. The weddings at Grand Hyatt Melbourne can serve up to 730 guests with stunning rooms, courtyards and wine rooms.

There is no wonder that the Luxurious hotels of Melbourne provide heavenly experience with comprehensive facilities to celebrate the special occasions.
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Wild wonders of Melbourne zoo

Melbourne zoo is one of the oldest zoo in Australia, had its origin on 6 October 1862 and currently there are around 320 animals of Australia in this Royal garden. Located 2.5 miles from the Melbourne city, the zoo contains diverse collections of wild life including the species of African and Asian rainforests. It is a great opportunity backing to Melbourne zoo visits to have a closer look on the wild wonders of Australia.

Speaking on the collection of animals, the Zoo includes a variety of collections of animals from different parts of the world. Asian elephant, Baboon, Brown bear, Corroboree frog, Gorilla, Orangutans, Pelicans, Penguins, Red panda, Seals, Snow leopard, Sumatran tigers and Tree Kangaroos are some of them. Each animal in the zoo have separate enrichment programs that covers physical well beings, encouraging survival behaviors, satisfying behavioral needs and promoting education programs.

Melbourne zoo is greatly concerned of tourist attraction that it sets opportunities for functions and events to build a friendly relation with wild life. It offers indoor and outdoor venues to conduct all kinds of programs, be it a wedding party or a conference. The spectacular gardens, lawns, grounds, terraces and picnic pavilions are well suited for the events to welcome up to 3000 people. The pavilions and Sunset zoo Dos entertain 1000 to 3500 guests in a different ambience. The beautiful natural environment is unique for a grand wedding reception that offers four venues; the Rainforest Room looks, Bong Su room, Lakeside Room and the Leopard Lodge. Melbourne Zoo initiates training workshops for team building activities, Liberty catering programs, animal encounters and staff professional developments.

Melbourne zoo incorporates a conservative approach to save the endangered species and ensures their existence in future. The programs involve breeding and retention of habitats of Victoria for protecting wild life.
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Top Melbourne restaurants

For tourists, Melbourne restaurants are great places to get served with their favorite taste buds and relax for a while in the sleek stylish dining rooms. It is estimated that about 1.4 international tourists has visited the Melbourne city and so; it is noted for a number of dining restaurants. Other than native cuisines, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Seafood dining spots, Indian food are also popular in Melbourne. Let’s have a look on the top restaurants in Melbourne.

Cafe Andiamo

Cafe Andiamo is one of the popular café in busy streets of Degraves, providing classic Italian cuisines. Pizza, pasta and risottos are the major cuisines available from 7 AM to 9 PM at reasonable prices. The outside dining area and the Wheel chair access are the benefits that add to convenience. This restaurant never accepts bookings.

Il Nostro Posto

Located in 60 Hardware La, around 100 people can be treated here with lunches and dinners. Seafood eateries are prominent that attracts most of the tourists and can be booked in advance. Daily noon time is 3 PM and dinner is served between 5 PM to 10 PM. Ample parking facilities and smoking areas are the other highlights.

Alexander’s Grill

The menu choices of this restaurant includes European and Mediterranean dishes like pork, lamb, steak, sausage and other grilled mains. There is no wheel chair access in this venue. Bookings including group reservations that are allowed ahead of time and for more than 20 people can be reserved. The restaurant can serve nearly 120 people at a time.

Nihonbashi Zen

Nihonbashi Zen resides in Little Bourke St in Melbourne which does not open on Mondays. The Restaurant specializes in Kushiyaki, one of the best Japanese dishes available in Melbourne. The other choices include beef, soft shell crab and Sake menus.

Melbourne Restaurants have gained much in tourist attraction that the coastline and Yarra River make these award winning restaurants well known for its loyalty and endless dining experiences.
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Melbourne aquarium

Melbourne aquarium is renowned for its 2.2 million liter oceanarium which is the world’s first huge aquarium with a depth of 7 meters below the surface. This largest marine life habitat was launched in January 2000 located on the banks of the River Yarra.

One of the most exciting wonders of Melbourne Aquarium is the marine life of Antarctica, which is the world’s coldest and windiest continent. The Marvels and the Gentoo Penguins playing around in the snow covered pool are at the most entertaining visuals. You will be gone through the history and science of aquatic life of Antarctica, which is really amazing. You can meet the strangest marine animals which you never had seen and explore their daily life. Some of these strange animals are cuttlefish, camouflaged sea dragons, clownfish, spiky lionfish and armour-carrying crabs.

Melbourne Aquarium covers all the island inhabitants like barramundi, turtles, snakes, catfish, deadly poisonous arrow frogs, rainbow fish and Spear tooth Sharks. Some extra ordinary aquatic animals like Sea Jellies and Japanese Spider crabs that are found in mysterious depths of the sea are also included here. The main highlights of this aquarium show off rare and precious sharks like Grey Nurse shark, Sandbar Whaler shark, Smooth stingray and Port Jackson shark. They are said to be critically endangered in Victoria and now getting extinct.

Melbourne Aquarium offers a great opportunity to see around all the areas within the 2.2 million liter oceanarium. During this 40 minute tour, the visitors can have a closer look on the aquarium’s food preparation, dive zones, research laboratory and quarantine area. Being in Glass boat, they can also feed the animals and reach close to the aquatic animals.

Besides all these, you can celebrate festive events like birthdays and Christmas with corals and penguins and spend yourself in an underwater world of marine life.
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Explore Melbourne museum

One of the greatest wonders in Australia is Melbourne museum which is the largest museum located in Carlton Gardens. Although the museum had its origin at Government Assay Office, the current museum that features diverse art works and exhibitions was opened on 21st October 2000. The highlights include Melbourne galleries, touring halls, Museum Theatres, hall foyer, tree tops and garden views.

The museum theatre features a vast area that is ideal for hosting parties, cultural events, presentations, film screenings and other launches. This festive stage can accommodate more than 200 people in tired seating facilities, dressing rooms and showers. The projection screens, excellent sound and light systems, Computer projections, DVD projections and microphones add more ambiences to the Museum indoors.

Among the seven Museum galleries, Science and life gallery is the interesting one that displays the skeletons of prehistoric animals and exhibitions on human body mechanisms. The complete skeletons of Blue Whale and Dinosaurs and the History of Melbourne since 19th century spruce up the Melbourne Science exhibitions. Darwin’s contributions to DNA and evolution of Wild wonders of Australia are also popular. The Forest gallery features the complete structure of Victorian forest which covers the flora and fauna of Australia. Te Pasifika Gallery and Children’s Gallery are the other notable exhibitions of the Melbourne museum.

The touring hall is a venue of international exhibitions and product launches where around 1000 cocktail parties can be set. The touring hall foyer has a capacity of 190 banquet and 450 cocktails and features garden views of large sandstone columns to set small exhibitions, wedding receptions and dinner parties. The Melbourne museum shop shows off a variety of Australian products that offers insights of the life of Victoria. It is very exciting hands-on site with IMAX theatres, gift shops, cafes and a mini museum for children.

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